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Getting braces for your wedding is simple, here’s how it works:

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Consultation with a
highly experienced orthodontist

You’ll have a consultation to discuss treatment options.
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your appointment

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A brace which matches your specific needs is fitted

A brace specifically chosen for your smile will be comfortably fitted by one of our clinicians.

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Treatment takes place to transform your smile

We will be there through every step of treatment to ensure you get fantastic results.

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post-treatment care

Once you complete treatment, we’ll provide you with custom-made retainers just for you

What We Can Offer You

Discover our wedding day package where we ensure radiant smiles with a £500 per couple discount. Benefit from a complimentary couples orthodontic consultation, and immediate treatment start, and synchronised, prioritised scheduling. 

Enjoy fast-tracked appliance manufacture, evening and weekend appointments, and personalised payment plans at 0% interest. Capture your transformed smile with before-and-after photos and receive a free home teeth whitening kit. 

Trust us to make your journey toward a perfect wedding smile as seamless and joyful as your day.

Our Wedding Day Smile Package & Free Teeth Whitening Kit Includes

  • A Discount of £500 per Couple
  • Free couples orthodontic consultation
  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Immediate treatment start
  • Synchronised appointment times
  • Priority, advanced appointment scheduling
  • Fast-tracked appliance manufacture
  • Free home teeth whitening kit
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Before and after photographs of your teeth
  • Easy monthly payments to suit your budget
  • 0% interest and no hidden costs
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Why should you get braces before your wedding?

At the Hampstead Orthodontic Practice, we have seen an increase in the number of brides and grooms wanting orthodontic treatment to improve their smile before their special day.  A wedding is often the biggest day in a person’s life and when the day arrives, you want to be able to smile with confidence.

Smile with Confidence on Your Big Day

Confidence is key! Many brides are now adding ‘straight teeth’ to the top of their wedding list, realising that this is an important factor to looking and feeling good on their big day.

Look Your Best

We have a range of discreet braces available to suit your lifestyle and budget. Whether your wedding day is two years away, or in 6 months time, we can help you improve your smile ensuring you look your best in all your wedding photos!

Long Term Benefits

Braces are a long-term investment in your oral health. By addressing dental issues before your wedding, you not only improve your smile for the big day but also set the foundation for better oral health in the future.

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Why choose us

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Happy Patients

We’ve treated over 10,000 patients who consistently report being highly satisfied with their results.

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Flexible appointments

We offer appointment times to suit you, with evening and weekend appointments.

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Affordable for all

0% finance plans available, making orthodontic treatment affordable for everyone.

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Leading orthodontists

We are proud to have highly qualified and experienced orthodontists and clinicians in-house.

Our Popular Treatments

We can offer you several discreet types of treatments that suit your lifestyle, your budget and your wedding plans.
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Discreet, clear aligners, which are removed for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth.  This is a popular treatment option, as they can be conveniently removed, if necessary, on your wedding day.

Girl smiling with a white dress

Lingual braces – behind your teeth


A completely hidden brace, with fast movement to show off your smile – not your braces!   A lingual brace is fitted to the back surface of the teeth, so no one else can see them.  We use Win and Incognito lingual braces.  WIN is the market leader in lingual brace technology.

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Tooth coloured braces


This is a tooth coloured brace, which closely matches the colour of your teeth and is less visible than a metal brace.  We recommend the Damon Clear system, or the Ice appliance for you.

Woman wearing Inspire ICE Clear Braces

A combination treatment

This is a popular discreet treatment option, using an upper lingual and a lower tooth coloured brace.

Discreet braces give you the option to continue your treatment after your special day, should this be necessary. Another option is to have your brace removed prior to getting married and refitted a few weeks later – that way you risk no clashes with your wedding outfit. Additional costs apply.

Accelerated Treatment with OrthoPulse

AcceleDent is a simple, hands-free device, which is used for a few minutes every day during your orthodontic treatment.

The AcceleDent System, a mouthguard-like device, is easy to use and employs SoftPulse Technology for gentle microvibrations in your mouth. These stimulate the jawbone, expediting remodelling. By accelerating the natural bone remodelling process, it enhances orthodontic treatment efficiency, combining microvibrations with orthodontic forces to move your teeth into new positions faster.

The length of your treatment can be reduced by up to 50%. Therefore, it’s the perfect add-on if you need to get your teeth straight in a short timeframe i.e. before your wedding.

Accelerated Treatment with OrthoPulse


How much do braces for your wedding cost?

The cost of braces for your wedding can vary based on factors such as the type of braces chosen and the complexity of your orthodontic needs. Our “Our Wedding Day Smile Package” offers a special £500 discount per couple, and for specific pricing details, we recommend scheduling a complimentary couples orthodontic consultation.

How long will it take to get straight teeth? I.e. How long before my wedding should I get braces?

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on individual needs. It’s recommended to schedule a consultation to discuss your timeline and receive a personalised treatment plan. Starting well in advance of your wedding allows for optimal results.

Will you be able to see the braces in my wedding pictures?

Our orthodontic options include clear braces and invisible aligners, which are designed to be discreet. During your consultation, we’ll help you choose the option that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and minimises visibility in photos, ensuring your smile shines without distraction.

Alternatively if you start your treatment early enough, you won’t be wearing any braces at all on the actual day – all the hard work would have been done.

Why should I get braces before my wedding?

Getting braces before your wedding allows you to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and confident smile. Our package not only provides a financial incentive but also ensures personalised treatment, immediate initiation, and prioritised scheduling. A straighter smile contributes to enhanced wedding photos and sets the foundation for long-term oral health, making it a valuable investment in your overall well-being.

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