Understanding Twin Block Braces: A Quick Guide

Young woman with twin block braces receiving a check up by an orthodontist

At Hampstead Orthodontic Practice, we’re committed to helping you achieve a confident, healthy smile.

Among the tools in our arsenal are twin block braces, a functional appliance that can address specific orthodontic concerns. But what exactly are twin blocks, and are they right for you? Let’s delve into this innovative treatment.

What is a Twin Block Brace?

Twin Block Braces are orthodontic appliances specifically designed to correct malocclusion, commonly known as an improper bite. They consist of two separate plates, one for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw, which work together to realign the teeth and jaw.

How Do Twin Block Braces Work?

The design of Twin Block Braces is unique in that it encourages the lower jaw to shift forward into a more natural position. By doing so, it helps to correct overbites and underbites, improve jaw alignment, and enhance facial symmetry.

When wearing Twin Block Braces, the upper and lower plates fit together in a way that promotes proper alignment of the teeth and encourages the jaw to grow into the correct position over time. This gradual adjustment process is essential for achieving long-lasting results.

Are Twin Block Braces Painful?

One of the most common concerns patients have about orthodontic treatment is discomfort. While it’s normal to experience some mild discomfort or pressure when first wearing Twin Block Braces, it should not be painful. Any discomfort typically subsides as the mouth adjusts to the appliance.

Can You Eat with Twin Block Braces?

Yes, you can eat with Twin Block Braces, but it’s essential to be mindful of the foods you consume. Avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods to prevent damage to the appliance. Stick to softer foods and cut larger items into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Remember to wear the brace while eating unless instructed otherwise by your orthodontist. Take it out only for brushing your teeth, playing contact sports like rugby or hockey, or when playing a wind instrument.

Additionally, avoid sweet foods and drinks between meals to prevent tooth damage. Stick to softer foods initially if your mouth feels sore, and consider colder drinks like smoothies to soothe discomfort. Lastly, keep your braces in a plastic box for safekeeping while eating if you need to take them out.

Do Twin Block Braces Give You a Lisp?

Some patients may experience a temporary lisp when first wearing Twin Block Braces as they adjust to speaking with the appliance in their mouth. However, with practice and patience, most people find that their speech returns to normal relatively quickly.

How Long Do Twin Blocks Take to Work?

The Twin block phase of treatment typically spans 6-9 months, necessitating full-time wear and ensuring the blocks remain together. Subsequently, patients often undergo 1-2 years of fixed brace work. The duration of Twin Block Braces treatment varies based on the severity of orthodontic issues. On average, patients wear them for 12 to 18 months, with individual circumstances possibly shortening or extending this timeframe.

Cost of Twin Block Braces

The cost of twin block treatment can vary depending on the complexity of your case. We recommend scheduling a consultation at Hampstead Orthodontic Practice to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalised cost estimate.

How to Clean Twin Block Braces

To maintain the cleanliness and comfort of your Twin Block Brace, soak both parts in a retainer cleaning solution once a week. Alternatively, use a spare toothbrush with soap and cool water for cleaning, avoiding toothpaste.

Proper oral hygiene is vital while wearing Twin Block Braces to prevent plaque and bacteria build-up. Brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal, floss daily, and attend regular dental check-ups to ensure proper function and address concerns promptly.

Important Note: Twin blocks are not designed to tighten. If you feel any adjustments are needed, please schedule an appointment with us.


Twin Block Braces offer an effective solution for correcting misaligned teeth and jaws, providing patients with a straighter, healthier smile.

While they may require some adjustment initially, the benefits they provide far outweigh any temporary discomfort.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable and effective way to achieve a healthy bite and a confident smile, twin block braces might be the solution for you.

Contact Hampstead Orthodontic Practice today to schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your individual needs. We’ll be happy to guide you on your journey to a brighter smile!

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