How Much are Braces? Cost of Different Types of Braces in the UK

tooth braces for teeth straightening

Due to technological advances within the orthodontics and dentistry industry over the past few years, there are more and more options that allow people to straighten their misaligned or crooked teeth.

Your teeth are uniquely yours, so choosing a brace to rectify tooth problems is determined by both your personal preference and oral requirements. The cost of straightening your teeth can vary, much like braces themselves.

At Hampstead Orthodontic Practice, we offer the 6 most popular tooth straightening solutions in the UK. Below is a short guide to inform you of the various types of braces and information on the different price categories that the braces fall under.

So how much are braces? Read on to find out.

Metal Braces £1,800 to £3,900
Invisalign £2,300 to £4,600
Damon Braces £2,000 to £4,200
Incognito Braces £3,000 to £7,200
AcceleDent £800 to £1,400
ICE Clear Braces £2,000 to £3,900

1) Metal Braces

The most popular tooth straightening solutions are metal braces in the UK. Due to their unerring design and century-long use in dentistry and orthodontics, metal braces have a sublime success rate and can foresee precise results.

Over the years, metal braces have undertaken several structural changes to assure their efficacy and safety. Traditionally metal braces are known for their prominent metal brackets and wires, however, with technological advancements, they are also available in indistinct clearer bracket versions that achieve the same precise straightening results.

How much are metal braces?

£1,800 to £3,900 in a private clinic.

Are METAL BRACES right for me?

Metal braces are the ideal straightening solution for patients with both mild and complex cases. They are generally more affordable and tend to cost less than other teeth straightening solutions.

Man having metal braces fit by orthodontist

2) Invisalign

Invisalign, also known as invisible braces, plastic aligners, plastic braces, discrete braces or clear aligners, is arguably the most popular type of brace available in the UK because it’s the least invasive straightening solution available.

Invisalign does not contain metal and does not require fixation. These invisible braces are custom-tailored to you, one for your bottom teeth and one for the top, containing a series of clear aligners that are set at intervals to systematically realign your teeth.

How much does Invisalign cost?

£2,300 to £4,600 in a private clinic.

Are INVISALIGN right for me?

If you are looking for minor teeth straightening that is discreet, flexible, and removable – clear or invisible aligners may be the orthodontic treatment for you. Please bear in mind that Invisalign is only for those who require minor to moderate teeth straightening solutions. Your orthodontist may refuse Invisalign solutions if your teeth require more complex treatment.

Woman putting in her Invisalign orthodontic aligners

3) Damon Braces

Damon braces, also known as self-ligating braces, differ vastly from metal braces as they do not need to be continuously readjusted or tightened. Like metal braces, they are bonded to the teeth. These braces are subtle, discreet and clear in colour.

How much will Damon Braces cost?

£2,000 to £4,200 in a private clinic.

Are they Damon Braces for me?

Damon braces are comfortable despite the strength used to align the teeth. For those individuals who require a significant amount of movement to straighten their teeth, these braces are a great alternative to traditional metal braces.

4) Incognito Braces

Incognito braces are the second most popular tooth straightening solution as they go behind your teeth, making them virtually invisible. Although these custom-designed braces are costly, they’re able to be uniquely customised to your teeth to increase comfort and maximise efficiency.

How much do Incognito braces cost?

£3,000 to £7,200 in a private clinic.

Are incognito braces right for me?

Although quite expensive in price, these comfortably hidden braces are a discreet solution to teeth straightening. They boost self-esteem for the wearer by showing only their teeth when they smile, not metal braces.

5) AcceleDent

AcceleDent is a mouthpiece that minimises the time between aligners or adjustments by up to 50%. This hands-free vibratory orthodontic device speeds up tooth movement during orthodontic treatment by wearing the device over metal braces or clear aligners for 20 minutes per day.

How much does AcceleDent cost?

£800 to £1,400 in a private clinic.

Is Acceledent right for me?

AcceleDent increases cellular activity, stimulating faster tooth movement by sending micro-pulses of gentle vibrations to the roots of your teeth through SoftPulse technology. Although the thought of speeding up tooth movement sounds quite daunting, the process is more serene than an electric toothbrush.

6) Symetri Clear Braces

Although these braces are stylistically like traditional braces, they are undetectable, featuring opaque brackets that are tooth-coloured to match everyone’s individual. Symetri Clear Braces are made from a sapphire material, making them resistant to stains and discolouration. Throughout the duration of orthodontic treatment, these braces will stay clear and look great.

How much are ICE Clear Braces?

£2,000 to £3,900 in a private clinic.

Are ICE Clear Braces right for me?

For those worried about their outward appearance with braces, ICE Clear Braces are virtually invisible and have tooth-coloured wires for less visibility.

Woman having ICE CLEAR Braces tightened by an orthodontist

Are You Considering Braces?

If you want more advice about braces, and the different types available or are considering braces, our orthodontic team would be more than happy to help you with your options. Hampstead Orthodontic Practice offers all of the teeth straightening solutions listed above: Metal Braces, Invisalign, Damon Braces, Incognito Braces, AcceleDent and Symetri Clear Braces.

Whether you have complex or minor requirements, we offer orthodontic solutions with 0% Financing on all our treatments. We’re experts in creating beautiful smiles.

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